What does it take to save a life 3,000km from home?

From dressings and medication to single-use surgical instruments and PPE gear, your caring gift could help to provide our aeromedical crews with the life-saving medical consumables they need to treat patients like Lauren while they’re in our care this summer.

Far too many people are living without access to essential health care in their communities. Your big-hearted gift could help to keep one of our mobile healthcare clinics out on the roads across regional Victoria throughout the busy summer months.

In a rapidly changing world driven by technology and research, it’s essential frontline staff stay up to date. Your truly generous gift could help provide our Flight Nurses with advanced training so they can continue providing world-class care this Christmas.

Your love will get people like Lauren safely home

Because your love keeps people alive. Your heart gets them home. Safely, back to family and friends. Thank you.