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Where are the medical chests located?

Throughout Australia medical chests are held at remote locations which enable emergency and non-emergency treatment to be given to people living and working in isolation from professional medical care.

Across Australia there are over 2,300 medical chests held at locations such as homesteads, pastoral stations, roadhouses, police stations, national parks, outback schools, mine sites & off-shore vessels.

What is a medical chest?

Medical chests are lockable steel containers containing a wide range of medicines and medical items.

The contents of a medical chest have evolved over many years to cover a wide range of medical conditions. They contain a variety of first aid items, medications and pain relief.

They allow patients to be treated for many different medical conditions including antibiotics for infections, pain relief prior to medical evacuation and more.

A person needing medical help can receive advice from an RFDS doctor via telephone who then is able to prescribe the appropriate treatment from the on-site chest.

Please help us keep our medical chests stocked

As part of their upkeep, we regularly replace expired medications and restock used items – quite a job when the chests are spread across the most isolated areas of our country.

But the support of amazing helpers like you makes this vital work possible — and you don’t even need to hop in your car!

Please support the Flying Doctor today and help keep our medical chests fully stocked.